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White Dolphin Luxury Cruise 10 rooms

*Relax, Unwind... And Let Us Handle The Details

White Dolphin caters to those seeking a complete escape from the stressful routine of daily life by being the consummate host in one of the world’s most beautiful settings – Halong bay. We offer a total experience — more unique itineraries, affordable private balconies, flexible mealtimes, and the amenities and individual service of any luxury hotel or resort, thanks to our fleet. And last but not least, we have an unfailing devotion to providing Excellent Service.

Contemplating your first trip abroad or planning your many days adventure on Halong bay, whatever the case may be, we can help make one of the hardest parts of planning a cruise — deciding where to go — easier

*Cruises and Stay at Halong Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay

The benefits of a cruise and stay holiday

Get the best of both worlds with one of our tailor made cruise and stay packages. Why not have a few days and enjoy the magic of Halong bay before setting sail on a luxury cruise around it. Or maybe you would just like a few days on the gulf coast to relax on the beach after you have sailed. Call now to speak to one of our cruise and stay specialists and let us do all the hard work of putting together that dream cruise and stay holiday together.

Why we're the best for Cruise and Stay holidays

With the success we have enjoyed with White Dolphin Cruises and the introduction of White Dolphin Cruise there has never been a company as qualified and as capable at booking cruise and stay package holidays as we are. For many years now we have been one of the leading travel companies when it comes to holidays in the states with superb rates on accommodation. Now we also have some great cruise prices with some of the top cruise in Halong bay so we can make your holiday that much better. We're confident that you will not find better deals or a better quality of service anywhere else. So what are you waiting for?

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